Thursday, January 01, 2009

The year in reveiw

Just thought I would have a reveiw of 2008,

January started with my hair growing experiment, which in hindsight I feel was a disaster!

Then we had the exciting new develop of getting our new centre which was to take our work here to a whole new level.

Also in January we had the great news that Bruce would be joining us, he's a star and has been a real blessing to me and the rest of the team.

Then in February, I had a great time in Madrid, Ireland and Scotland, hanging with various friends and drinking Guinness..

The 27th was a momentous day I shaved my hair off!

I also tried my first video podcast the backing music was a disaster.

Then came March, we recieved the keys for our new building, Chris and Jude from N.Ireland came to help us paint it and then Ben and Chris from Guildford came to help build a wall. There was bit of pain in having to find a years rent in advance, but we made it!!!!

April happened, my wife turned 40! She still manages to look young and beautiful and I love her more and more as the years go by.

Sally, Robb, Kwok, Wendy and their children came to help add the finishing touches to our centre and they did a superb Job, and it has been fantastic to have their ongoing love and support of all we do throughout the years.

We also had Caroline Kennedy come out to help us and train us in the whole area of pregnancy counseling, which was great.

May was the beginning of our summer season, Bruce arrived and our centre opened. We soon started getting 20 people a day pop in it was fantastic. I also had to go to England for various meeting with the International Leadership team of 24-7prayer which I am a member of, it was challenging and as a movement 24-7 prayer never ceases to amaze me. I also went sailing with the guys.

June marked my 500th blog post, and loads of work in the west end, we had teams join us to serve on the streets, we hung out with prostitutes, prayed with people, chatted with workers, took drunks home and saw more than 100 people a week use the centre, it's at this point where your feet hardly seem to touch the ground.... and the adrenalin carries you along. We saw Wayne Rooney on his stag do.. which wasn't really a highlight just interesting.

July was definitley the busiest month of the summer, enjoyable fulfilling and tiring. Hot and humid. I don't have a lot to say about it other then it's a blur with loads of stories check them out here

August was a holiday which was totally awesome, I love France. We then came back and had the joy of baptising Kris Goudie

This was wonderful and for me personally made the last 3 years here totally worthwhile.

September saw life get a little easier, although we were still very busy the nights were cooler which believe it or not makes a big difference. I travelled to the Uk for the home gathering which was fantastic. The centre was still attracting 100 people a week and in all honesty by this point it had exceeded our expectations.

October saw us draw our work in the Westend to a close, we loved every minute of it I never imagined we could do so much with so little. To say we felt God was with us would be an understatement.

I had the chance to go to Canada which was so fulfilling and probably the most restful preaching trip I have ever been on, this was mainly thanks to the wonderful Chris Jones and his marvelous family.

Then came the best end to month ever, we had the chance as a team to go to Ireland and England and it was so amazing how well we were looked after, how much we were given and how spoilt we were. Friends who love us restored us after a strenuous summer. We came back refreshed for November.

November was the beginning of a new rhythm, time to hunker down, restart language learning, praying at different times and beginning to ask God to breath on our dream of getting a farm and place of retreat. We spent a week in prayer just eating soup asking God to lead us to this new place. I wrote this on November 11th
"We met so many people in the summer who needed a break from life in the madness, we also know a lot of people around the planet who need a space to recuperate and get some feeding, we would also like to have somewhere to train people. We would love to run a 3 - 6 month winter training course.

We need a farm, a finca and that is what we are praying about this week. It's a big ask and poses a number of questions. Let's forget about finance, because where ever we live will need to be big and it will take a miracle.

The thinking behind a farm is that if someone is needing a break from life you don't just want them sitting around thinking to much, they need jobs to do, to keep them occupied.

When I first became a christian my life was in quite a mess, the only way I made it was to get out of my existing situation and make a clean break whilst I developed a healthier lifestyle. I see this with a lot of guys like myself.

We also are really drawn to the concept of community living, but how does a group of christians live in a farm in the hills without looking like a cult? People already think we are weird.

It needs to be near San Antonio, it needs to be quiet, it needs a well, it needs land, it needs outbuildings, it needs to be big, it needs to be a place of healing."
what happened next surprised even us!

December brought us the farm and my mind has not stopped racing since............

All I can say is "Thank You" thank you for reading, thank you for praying, thank you for giving, thank you for visiting, thank you for standing with us.

And heres to Him who can do immeasurably more than we can ever ask or imagine. And heres to 2009 "venga!!!"


Seán - The Huddle Bar said...

Wow, what a year! I hope 2009 sees you go on to even greater things. With the energy and enthusiasm you guys have I'm sure it will be amazing. God Bless you all.

JILL BOYD said...

Wow - looking at your year like that and you've done loads!! Go you.
In total agreement, the hair growing experiment was a disaster - never do that again. Weird!!

Happy New year to all the Heasleys - my it be filled with fun, adventure and of course Mr God.

Big Chris said...

thank YOU! for a Java cigars!

cya in a week!

Lorinda Roy said...

Amazing. . . God is amazing.