Friday, February 20, 2009

Style over substance

I've just realised that i am becoming a bad blogger! As you can see i have been busy planting onions. You have to put manure into the land, I'm spreading a rather pungent concoction of sheep pooh!

You should check out Helen and Bruces blogs for some great photos of our life here.

I will try to improve.... life here is still going well.

Anonymous made a great comment on a previous post "Is church what 'church people' try to define, redefine and generally get their knickers in a twist about while 'non church people' are trying to get in?"

I totally agree with this, probably would change it slightly most non church people aren't trying to get in, they probably aren't even giving it a second thought.

The other thing is that most people who don't go to church have a pretty traditional view of church and a lot of the new things happening out and about could look weird and cultish!

I agree we need to change in order to more fully engage with the world, but I am a little fed up with the emerging philosophies and the mega church tyrannies! Mark Driscoll is irrelevant. Brian McLaren is irrelevant and everyone in between unless they are grounded in an incarnation-al expression of jesus following.

Do you think we have got caught up in form and structure when in reality they matter very little. i look at Alpha and see a way of connecting with people all over the world that is outworked in a traditional church framework. They are more concerend with the lost than what they look like.

Maybe the emerging debate is an out working of a western label orientated style culture and i don't just mean the ascetic. The thinking, the words they are old debates dressed in new clothes. Oops! maybe I am being negative.

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely, Pete Grieg once said church is a bit more insecure teenage girl than spotless bride. You wonder how culturally relevant we would look if we just went out and loved people showing our love for Jesus than starting another great emergent conversation