Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Simple way

The church I used to be the leader of in Diss has a really great project that uses their building, it's called Kadesh, it's an inclusion project for children who have difficullties adjusting to school.

They have just got a little farm and i am very envious of their live stock initiatives, they have pigs, goats and chickens. Check out their blog and see how it's all going at Kadesh Community Farm I really do love how there are a lot of projects out there that are engaging with the land.

Andrew Jones has recently visited a farm project with his family in Portugal, these guys look hard core and look a lot more like hippies than us check out Shanti Pilgrim they do things with dirt and growing stuff.

Maybe this is the way forward, during this financial crisis people will look at ways of becoming much more self sustainable. In the UK allotments are on the increase, these are small pieces of public land given over to members of the public for a small fee where by they can grow some vegetables. In 2008 The Guardian reported that 330 000 people held an allotment, whilst 100,000 were on waiting lists.

I also love the work of Shane Claiborne and the guys at the Simple Way I love the fact that they are choosing to engage with the world in a different way.

Within our movement 24-7 prayer I think we will see a lot more boiler rooms start to get productive with growing their own food and developing models of sustainable living.

I'm not a hippy, but I love the challenges of a simple life. Our potatoes and onions are coming along brilliantly, as well as our lettuce, spinach and carrots. We have lost a few other crops but it's all part of learning. We'll probably get some livestock after the summer as our lives will get extremely busy from next week!!!

I am also very inspired by the Kadesh guys who are using simple techniques of looking after animals to help young people become more gentle and engage with the world in a better way.

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