Sunday, May 10, 2009

Either - Or

"If we maintain the open-mindedness of children, we challenge fixed ideas and established structures, including our own. We listen to people in other denominations and religions. We don't find demons in those with whom we disagree. We don't cozy up to people who mouth our jargon. If we are open, we rarely resort to either-or: either creation or evolution, liberty or law, sacred or secular, Beethoven or Madonna. We focus on both-and, fully aware that God's truth cannot be imprisoned in a small definition. "
Brennan Manning


Anonymous said...

Ooo, I love. Totally stealing it! Throroughly enjoy your blog, thanks for visiting mine!

Tanya Heasley said...

I like to think I'm open minded, but I don't agree with this statement! Both/and allows for many ways to God. I believe what Jesus said that He is the ONLY way to God.

There can only be one truth, and if my opinion, value, belief or what I say is different to others, then one of us is lying, not both/and.