Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I have just flown from Ibiza to the UK, I have noticed that basically you meet a lot of selfish people when flying. For starters I queued for 30 mins in the Thomson queue, then realized I had booked with Thomas Cook, not a major dilemma just a waste of time!!

Then I got in the Thomas Cook queue and some guys in front of me saved a place for their friends, I don't know why this wound me up but it did!!! you stand in a queue for 30 minutes then some people breeze in at the last moment and get the spot in front of you..... because it was early I realised I was in the grumpy zone so didn't say anything. One of the guys was a DJ so I guess he expected special privileges.

Of course the plane gets held up for 20 minutes by two girls who where in the burger king queue and didn't want to miss their chicken burger at the expense of making 100 other people late!!!

Anyway I am in the UK now and despite what I have said the flight was uneventful and I had 3 seats to myself which was cool.

It's raining here......

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