Monday, July 27, 2009

A book

So I am writing a little book got a working title, chapter outlines and have written the intro and chapter one. I'll see if it flies, have toyed with the idea for a few years now but only feel a liberty to do it now.

It will generally relate to the life we lead out here, stories from the west end, little analogies and lessons learnt. The first thing you ask yourself is, "have I got anything to say?" the second is "will anybody read it?" once you get over those two thoughts and start to see that perhaps you have then you should be ok. We came up with 13 or 14 really good chapter outlines, just got to fill in the blanks.

I'm also finding the blog helpful for interesting stories to use and a great way of jogging my memory.

Alongside that, I seriously want to pursue the idea of getting "God Bless Ibiza" Message New Testaments printed for next summer. We really think it will work. The idea would be I get 5000 printed, thats a minimum print run and then sell half of them to fund giving the other half away. Believe me we will get rid of them.

Anyway I have books on my mind right now, which is all good.


shallowfrozenwater said...

i might be interested in hearing more about this. i hope it all comes together well.

Johnny said...

Looking forward to seeing the book progress


Kirk Bartha said...

praying along with you in this and other heavy lifting...