Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Kindness is not merely the domain of christians, but I guess you knew that anyway.

We see so many beautiful acts of kindness, random strangers who will help us lift a girl into the van, bar workers who will always give us water, people who will phone us because they are concerned about wrecked people, friends who stick with their drunken mates even though it ruins their evening. I've seen guys give up a really expensive ticket and a great night out to go back to their hotel and watch over their drunken friend.

Tonight Jude and Alex where dealing with a guy who had cut his arm it wasn't deep just needed cleaning and bandaging, two prostitutes helped them, they held his arm and pointed out all the bits Jude had missed.

People will occasionally get it all wrong we have so many well meaning drunks who stop to try and help us, they are normally a bit of a nuisance, they try to sit people up instead of putting them in the recovery position, they offer to buy food to help or generally just keep chipping in about what you should do next, but we remind ourselves that behind it lies a kind heart they are trying to help.

The other night an old guy and his wife watched us deal with a drunken girl he came over and gave us a 5 euro donation, it was kind.

I love seeing kindness at work.

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Pellava Smith said...

"Kindness is not merely the domain of christians...
...I love seeing kindness at work. "

I agree. Sometimes I do wonder, especially when other people seem more kind than some christians (including myself). - Is all kindness originated from God, as some scholars have said?

To be kind is to be courageous, it's also being vulnerable.
Kindness is, or can be contagious.