Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Police action

It's been a really busy time over the last few days, we have a team of 9 people out helping us which is superb.

Thursday we had a young lady up to the centre who needed a meal, a shower and a lift to the airport we were able to help her. The previous night James and Laura walked a guy home to his hotel and on his way he confessed to being a christian but a bit on the run from God eventually he knelt down with them at a bench and rededicated his life to God.

We have seen an increase in the amount of people who want bibles so we continue to give away the "jesus Loves Pornstars" bibles. In fact last week we gave on to guy who spoke to us the next day and said he had read Matthew and basically felt that jesus message was about trusting him! We then had two of his friends turn up at the centre not to use the computers or anything like that but to ask for bibles!!!

Next year I want to get our own "God Bless Ibiza" bibles printed.

Our boys are in England so on Sunday night Tracy and I had the opportunity to go on call together, we took one girl home then came and collected another girl, whilst tracy was waiting with her in the street she pulled her pants down and urinated everywhere!!! It was very sad, we walked her home.

Some of the team have prayed with sick guys who have said the next day that they have felt better.We have taken so many vulnerable people home but also seen an increase in conversations and prayers with people. We have washed clothes for people and helped others with practical stuff.

We met a guy who said he had been clean of drugs for 17 days since we prayed for him, we went back and checked his prayer request on the prayer room wall and sure enough it was written 17 days ago!!!!

We have had worker friends up for meals and the centre is buzzing, we have literally just opened the doors and 9 people have just walked in.

We also met a girl on the street whose mum had just become a christian back in the UK needless to say she had loads of questions. All in all the last few days have been fantastic loads of great stuff plenty of stuff i can't talk about but it's all good.

In the midst of this crazy fantastic week, we dropped a guy of at 5 this morning and I then got stopped by the police and accused of being an illegal taxi!!! It was a bit strange the guy we dropped off was so drunk and covered in vomit the police asked him if he had taken payment and he said yes, he probably didn't want to get in trouble but it caused me a load of problems, you get a 3000 euro fine and car confiscated for a few minutes i thought i was going to get properly arrested especially when he phoned for back up., anyway, as if i would run an illegal taxi with a logo on the side and 3 girls in it with a bucket and be able to hand the guy a business card and all the rest.....It took a bit of their time and my time but I think they believed me in the end. They let me go said they would talk to their superiors but told me I could keep doing what i was doing...

On top of that I have a chest infection and am running a temperature so feel physically dreadful, I topped this off last night by squeezing some pears and trying to make a juice with the ones that were going off, of course I ended up with the runs!!! So I am literally drained...

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