Thursday, July 30, 2009

The week

Been another great but intense week on the streets. Surprisingly Monday was very messy, we took home some girls who were getting harassed by some italian guy who had got his penis out and was waving it around. We didn't actually see it although if I had I would have been inclined to give it a good hard slap. These girls were only 18, one of them was in a complete mess.

We then took 3 other girls home, this was messier and the drunk girl had completely lost all sense of decency!! The sights we see. There was vomit everywhere on Monday, one of our team took a hit straight to the face when a girl she was trying to revive projectile vomited all over her. Not nice!!

We have given all our full versions of the bible away to the prostitutes and thankfully are awaiting some others that have been kindly donated. Hopefully they will get here this week.

The team from Southern Ireland have been great, we don't normally have teams with so many boys but this team has had 5 which is so cool.

What's been really great about this week is that apart from Monday we have not had to use the van much therefore giving us more time out connecting with people, chatting, praying, listening and giving away bibles. This has thrown up some really good opportunities for us to talk about our faith and tell people why we do what we do. We've sat with some people for over an hour just listening to their woes and stresses often resulting in prayer and always received with gratitude. Thankfully we don't get in to many intense debates or arguments people trust us.

It's been very hot and sticky this week which makes the work harder, I would enjoy lying around in this for two weeks, but working in it is another level.

We continue to breath in and breath out, which is good, it suggests life.


Anonymous said...

Happening to stumble across your blog, I am outraged by some of the things you, as a Christian, have said.
It just goes to show how hypocritical your faith is; is God not meant to accept everyone without judgement?
Addictions are a choice, to a certain extent, but can't you see the underlying problems i.e severe mental illness that precede an addiction? Sexuality, however is not a choice, and to imply that it is shows what a closed-minded person you are, and how the Bible needs to be updated with modern times. To say that people in church with these issues need to be treated with dignity and respect? Well, that should be the case anyway. People, especially Christians, should not have to be told this, as if such people with addictions, obesity, a different sexual preference etc. are of a different or separate species.
The teachings and rules in the Bible need to be updated, and adapted, as the years go on and society changes.Attitudes in society are different now.
For instance, I believe that in the Bible it states that women during their menstrual cycle should stay inside and not mix with people until the bleeding stops.
Clearly, this isn't the case nowadays, and don't know anyone who follows this from the Bible, and so why can't other things, as previously stated be updated and changed?
To be honest, I don't see what all the fuss is about, what you are doing over in Ibiza. I don't see what is so amazing. It is no different to a weekend in the UK!
You are living the dream out there and getting money sent to you as and when you request, or hint, in your blogs. If only everyone could have that luxury!
Childrens' school fees? Why can't they go to a free school like everyone else who can't afford private schooling? And to say that you need a holiday? That is outrageous! I couldn't believe my eyes. Isn't your lifestyle a continuous holiday?
Thanks for your time, and I would appreciate a response. I will continue to read your blogs with trepidation and awe.

shallowfrozenwater said...

i believe you're doing important work. i may not agree with everything you put down in your blog but i'm not willing to trash your work because i "may" disagree with your perspective.
the fact that you allow posted comments that disagree with your own perspective speaks a lot to your character and thoughtfulness. keep up the good work.

Brian said...

hi, thanks for your comments, children's school fees where does it mention that on my blog???? Anonymous you know me. Anyway thanks for all your other observations. I appreciate you taking the time to read and the time to respond.

Anonymous said...

I'm an atheist and came across your blog by accident. Whilst i do not share your views on life i do appreciate what you are doing in Ibiza. As a teenager I holidayed in Ibiza and was shocked at the situations some people would get themselves into. Anyway, whilst I don't follow god I feel its important to show compassion for your fellow man. You do that and provide an essential safety net for the young and clueless. Keep up your good work!


Anonymous said...

Brian, I think what you are doing is great in Ibiza. Of course you are going to get back lash for what you are doing, front liners always do. Just remember its God who called you there and no weapon forged against you or your family shall prosper.