Monday, August 03, 2009


Ibiza is no different than the UK. I agree with this on one level but do think there are some areas that add a uniquness to Ibiza, especially the west end.

It's level of intensity is different, it's like 160 UK weekend nights one after another.

It has a better geographical mix of people, if you go out in Birmingham you generally tend to have people from that area etc.., with the west end you have a much broader UK mix.

If you drink spirits the measures are much larger in the West End and spain in genral, which can lead to people getting more drunk than they thought they would.

Generally I feel the West End is less agressive than the UK at the weekend, although you should have seen the guy some of our workers talked to tonight after he had his face caved in.

People on holiday are generally more chilled than people on a weekend off in their home town, I know I am.

I think I meet more drug dealers here but am pretty sure the same happens in the UK just a little more covertly.

Nudity levels are high and because of the warm weather, you will see more people having drunken sex in public.

So for me it's the intensity level that is different and the relentlessness of it all.

I do have a nice life here, it is hard work I do as many hours as your average person back home, the timing is different so your body clock gets messed with, which does leave you tired and Tracy and I work different hours so we don't see each other as much as if we had normal jobs.

Like any other father and husband I want to spend quality time with my wife and children, real quality time, so because of that we go on holiday once a year for two weeks. We have five other adults living with us we need some space. So two weeks away from our normal schedules is good.

Anyway I am being defensive, I guess all I can say is that I know I am called by God to be here, it is a joy and I am thankful for the adventure we are on and grateful to the people who support us.

As for school, well I want my children to educated in a language other than catalan, it's restrictive so they go to an international school. How that is funded is for me and the board of 24-7 ibiza to work out.

I hint and I ask on this blog and people respond, which reassures me that I have friends out there who believe in us.

I love what it says on a friend of mines blog

no one is forcing you to read it

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Diane said...

Glad you have responded in your normal humble way.
Must admit I havent had much time on the computer since I read the anonymous comments but we have been praying for you.
Also wanted to say too that if Anonymous reads this that there are lots of people called in the UK to go out on weekend nights as Street Pastors and if A's heart so worries about what goes on then it would be a good idea to contact these people.
Hey you guys have a tough calling and we are very much standing with you in prayer.
Interestingly I, a while back, and other friends of mine had a struggle getting people to support us when we felt called to go to Greece. And I'm sure you know people in the UK who no one sees as missionaries and so expects them to work.
Funny how we still cant see Europe as a place that needs major mission going on in it. Is this a denial we are living in?
Keep on doing what you're doing and blogging about it too.
much love and prayers