Friday, September 25, 2009


Took a guy to the hospital the other night who had been drinking for 12 hours and then took 7 ecstasy pills! He was in a very bad way, but the great doctors and nurses at the health centre got him sorted. We had to look after his to friends one of whom was completely wrecked and other one was fine. A few hours of running around and dropping off and they were fine. We had a real rarity they came to our centre the next day to say thank you! This doesn't happen much and it's not why we do what we do, what was even nicer was the fact they had come all the way over from Ibiza town to say thank you.

Someone who we had up for a meal sent us this the other day "thank you to you and tracy for the dinner , fags and a good day !!!much appreciated" for my american readers "fags" are the cigarettes I bought him!

Someone else we helped said this in an email about our team "you've shown me there are still amazingly special people in the world whos selfless acts of kindness touch the lives of people who are often unaware of their true worth...thankyou all so much I can never express in words how much the support of the team has meant to me" as I said we don't do it for this but a little appreciation helps us keep going.

With regards to my fine for the little taxi thing, we are working on it and someone is sorting it for us. Thanks for your prayers and encouragement.

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