Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Deification of Shane Claiborne

I like Shane, but he's not Jesus. I think his "irresistible revolution" is one of the best book around.


shallowfrozenwater said...

i loved "Jesus for President". i also don't get this reference though, who's deifying Claiborne and why?

Mister Spence said...

Is that a picture of the crazy world of Arthur Brown?

We've been reading Irresistible Revolution in housegroup recently. Reactions have varied violently, which I guess is a good sign.

Shane must give off a deification 'vibe' because at the beginning we joked that we should make him the new Jesus. Or even better... a combination of Jesus and Rob Bell.

There's obviously something going on there, but when I think of it I can't remember anyone ever being adoring... I wonder where we get this from?

Rossi from Bulgaria said...

I bought The Irresistable Revolution by acident, I mean no one had reccomended it to me, I just saw it in a book catalogue and thought, hey, this looks like a good book. I really enjoyed reading it and it was inspiring, but I also came to realise that what Shane is doing is not for everyone.... as is everything in this world, by the way. You need to follow the grace of God in your life and not try to follow somebody else's ways, good and God-pleasing as they may be or seem.
I'm happy there are people like Shane around and books like his.
As I am happy tere's Brian around and his blog!