Friday, October 16, 2009


The photo has nothing to do with anything, just two objects of beauty.

So things are moving along with my fine, we have gone to appeal using our spanish lawyer. Locals have been really great; the local medical centre have written us a great official letter saying they use us loads and we never charge anyone, this is signed by the director which is just superb. The policia local in San Antonio will also vouch for us, we were stopped by the policia local in Sant Josep, which is also superb. Bob has also written us an official letter on behalf of the anglican church in Ibiza with all this and the fact our lawyer can also send the documents with regards to our application to become a spanish charity, should be a help. I am still slightly nervous and don't really trust the Spanish administration system but we are on to it. Just got to wait for a few weeks and see what happens.

The other news is we have found a new house to move to in San Antonio, which is fantastic. A great little family house, with electricity, running water, telephone, internet and all the other things we need to survive!!!!

We are moving in November, the only down side is that our spanish landlord for the existing house appears to want to get out of paying our deposit back, which once again is a pain in the buttocks....

All in all I feel a bit better, although realised that this has all been a bit more stressy than I thought it would be, but I'll get over it.

By the way we have had one or two comments about the guy we dropped off at the hotel telling the police he had paid us. He was so drunk he couldn't even remember his hotel, we had spent 2 hours with him whilst he puked etc.. he was disorientated and in a complete mess. So much so that he even got us to take him back to the wrong hotel!!! When the police pounced on him he must have been freaked out and thought he was in trouble for not paying!! So not his fault he was just a vulnerable guy in a bit of a mess, he never intended us to get in trouble.

Keep us in your prayers


Eiríkur Víkingur said...

How much would it cost to get a ride from Iceland to Ibiza?

Diane said...

So pleased you've found some where to live that sounds really nice.
May the fine be out the way soon so you can enjoy your new home
love and blessings to you all