Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bibles for Ibiza

For the last couple of years we have given out "Jesus Loves Porn Star" bibles in the west end of San Antonio. They have gone down a treat and people have been very keen to receive a copy. More importantly people have actually read them which is very encouraging.

I may have mentioned before but we had one guy come up to us and say he had torn his favourite bit out to keep in his pocket. We had bouncers and bar workers openly reading the bible, people popped into our centre just ti pick up bibles. For me it was real eye opener that the bible is still popular, and I guess the thing I found most interesting is that presentation, packaging and style are important when it comes to people picking up a book and actually reading it.

So heres the big idea, this year we want to get our own message new testaments printed "Jesus Loves Ibiza" bibles. I have had a word with Navpress and they can only do a minimum print run of 5000 bibles, we get out own custom made covers, write our own blurb on the back and inside the front cover. A fantastic opportunity to spread the word and get people engaging with God's story.

Got a way to go, need to raise some funds, find a designer who will work with us on this one and get it all in place by mid May. So if you know of any foundations or organisations that are interested in funding a project like this giive me a shout. Also if you are designer and feel you could help I would love to hear from you.

Another thought I am having is that I could sell 2500 at £5.00 each, which would enable me to give the other 2500 away for free. Something along the lines of "for every bible you buy we will give one away".

Thoughts on a postcard please?


Anonymous said...

What's the best way of contacting you? I've tried emailing the info@24-7ibiza address a couple of times but have never received a reply.

Brian said...

the best way is mail@24-7ibiza.com

Kirk Bartha said...

It'll be great to see the new design and cover print. I know the journey. We have done this very thing with thousands of Bibles. Keep sowing seeds of the Word. So many rewards for such faithful distribution of eternal things. Standing with you in the gap!

On page 4 of Clairvaux Manifesto, I admit,

"I have been nearly stoned on wafts of second-hand pot smoke. I have kept kids who were high on ecstasy from walking out into oncoming traffic. I have prayed over heroin addicts. I have been deep in the heart of nightclubs, pulling kids out. I have walked among and prayed over transsexuals. I have knelt publicly on a sidewalk, in broad daylight, to pray over a porn star who crumbled to his knees in tears; I was in tears alongside him. People, cities, and nations have their issues; as you may know, vomit has many textures and colors."

Mark G said...

Sounds like a great idea. Think the buy one give one away free idea is good too.

indya said...

I love it. Will definately buy one.