Thursday, December 10, 2009


I have been asked to write something about the new year, turn of the decade. Not sure what to write just yet but it will come.

We don’t often think of our lives in decades, for me being born in January 1970 I have always had a useful link with the progression of my years and the decades. So far I have lived 4 and am about to embark on my 5th and find it a bit scary that I will be 40 next month.

Even as I sit here in my kitchen with the thought in my head “what will happen in the next decade?” I can’t answer it, no one can. God is wild unpredictable and in the words of CS Lewis, “He is good but He isn’t safe” how can I plan for the next decade with a God like that?

Life in general is unpredictable, I think about being born in a two up two down in East Belfast and then wonder how I managed to end up walking my dog by the Mediterranean sea this morning! All in the space of 40 years...

I think about the turn of the decade in 1989, I was in a prison cell when the bells chimed and we entered the 90's. You just never know where you will end up. Plans are strange, they don't always seem to work.

Ibiza was never part of the plan, but I am so glad I am here. My 30's have been great years and for me it has been a very fulfilling decade. I'm hoping the next decade will be just as good, if not even better.

I'm trying to think of my most memorable moment of the last decade, I probably have about 10.

1. Watching both my sons grow, start school and then seeing them both start senior school.....

2. Prague for my 10th wedding anniversary with my wife.

3. U2 in Barcelona

4. Snorkeling and cigar smoking in Cuba

5. The day we decided to move to Ibiza and driving to Ibiza from Diss in the UK

6. The death of my dear friend and mentor Simon Newberry

7. The birth and growth of 24-7 prayer.

8. France with my family

9. My big brothers marriage

10. Gods faithfulness

Actually I could 50, but thats enough for now.

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