Thursday, January 07, 2010


I can't wait for the world cup, I love it.

So here we are at the start of another decade it makes me want to use words that have meaning like "resolve" and "resolution" I want to talk about a more "disciplined" year!

I want to eulogise about "new challenges" and "fresh starts"

I want to set new "goals" I need "vision" for 2010

Then maybe I don't, what if we couldn't really plan these things? What if we did and life kept messing them up? A bit like the world cup I am sure there about 8 teams who are seriously planning to win, yet it will only happen for one of them!

Anyway just clearing my head! we need all of the above. I was talking to someone about church they said that it's a family, not an army or a business. I think some of the above statements can make it feel like an army or a business. Abraham went to war, Abraham did business but first and foremost he was the head of a family.

Thats why I overreact to the statements above, they sound a bit business like and a little military, families don't run that way. Saying that I do think you can apply them to family life... we just have to be careful we don't make it all to systematic and we are open to fluctuations and changes in the plan!

I'm ready for 2010, actually I am excited about 2010.

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