Saturday, January 30, 2010

washed up

Thank you for the birthday wishes and kind words. My wife and family bought me a fantastic digital SLR for my birthday, I have never had such a great camera and love it. I walk my dog everyday so have been taking it out and about with me, I took this one yesterday morning on my way into work. This boat has been washed up in San Antonio Bay since last winter. It will be interesting to see when the authorities eventually decide to remove it.

I might try and do a picture a day for a few weeks.

Maybe they should be prophetic pictures?

Is this boat the church?
Is this boat the hopes and dreams of youth?
Is the boat your relationships?
Is this boat how you view the future direction of your life or is it where your life once was?

I could go on, I think I am going to enjoy 40.


indya said...

Or... it's just a boat. :-p

Happy Birthday x

Bob and Clare said...

Just read your blog after writing an e-mail to you.
That Psalm 40 is very good whatever age we are.
Keep the photos going.
HAppy Birthday and God bless,
Bob and Clare