Sunday, February 28, 2010

Focus helps us realise Vision

Been playing about with my camera trying to work out how to focus on different aspects of the picture. It got me thinking about focus! Someone once said "Focus on where you want to go, not on what you fear." I admire focus.

I find that I am drawn to clarity, I don't like ambiguity, which is sometimes difficult to deal with as I am aware that at times our world can be ambiguous.

I am not overly appreciative of words like "Dialogue" or "Process" I understand the need of these words and often find myself in dialogue and working through a process, but if these wander without any focus I lose interest.

I like these words - vision and focus. I once heard someone say "Vision is the ability to imagine an alternative reality" it's focus that helps us realise vision.

Over the years I have met plenty of people with vision; the difference between the ones who are realising their vision and the ones who aren't is focus. Focus enables us to see clearly. Focus also helps us to see if our vision is unrealistic. I am constantly asking myself these sorts of focus questions "is my vision unrealistic?" or "Do I have the faith to believe for what is apparently an unrealistic vision?" even "Is this vision from God or is it just my own ego playing games with me?"

When we get clear focus around the origins and realities of vision we then need to shift our focus to these kind of questions:

"What do I need to achieve my vision?" resources, including people, are essential, although we must never sacrifice people for vision. "How long will it take?" we often give up if it doesn't happen quickly enough, partly a result of living in an instant culture! "What sacrifices will I have to make? " this is an important question that requires focus and realism! "Am I willing to pay the price? " once again an important question.

All said and done, most visions go wrong at their inception. If vision is not correctly birthed, in a faith filled, realistic, focussed manner, I believe it will fail.


Mister Spence said...

Hi, Brian.

I'm really enjoying your photo series, and particularly liked today's shots. Arty!

The reflection was very helpful. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

when u said about life being ambigious it made me think of a quote by Jonathan Sacks - 'faith is not certainty but the courage to live with uncertainty.' helpful reflections - thank u