Thursday, March 18, 2010


The only English newspaper I have been able to find here has been the daily mail, it's actually quite scary. I love the bits where they point out political correctness gone mad, but hate the bits that suggest Britain is going to hell in a hand cart, blaming all Britain's woes on immigrants, muslims or the labour government. The reason I believe it is so popular here in Spain is because it gives ex-pats a reason not to go home, it reinforces there mindset that they have made the right choice to live as immigrants in Spain.

Anyway it has got me thinking, It’s an election year in the UK and I have just been reading some great stuff by the evangelical alliance.

My primary thoughts do echo those of Steve Chalke that People follow people not disembodied principles.

So for me a winner in the political sphere will be a person who is gifted as a leader. A gifted leader with the right policies can really make a difference to a country.

Here’s what the Evangelical Alliances parliamentary officer has to say on the challenges and opportunities of the upcoming election:

It is often that there is no difference between any of the political parties that compete for your vote. That is simply not true…. But we won’t know unless we get informed

Four things we can do

1. Decide what the most important issues are – the ones that affect how I vote. What values and policy priorities am I looking for?
2. Read what the parties have to say for themselves. Yes, they are trying to sell their package, but at least I can see it firsthand.
3. Change my news habits, read a different paper or watch another news channel. They all come with a filter, so a variety will help build a truer picture.
4. Visit the alliances general election site for a comparison of what each party says about different policy areas.

You can check policy comparisons at

For more information about engaging as a Christian with politics check out

In 2005 four out of 10 people didn’t vote and amongst those aged 18 – 24 only 37% voted!

Almost as many people didn’t vote as supported labour or the conservatives!

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Hannah said...

I would certainly not want to return to the UK and live in the muslim ghetto I left. I don't need to read the papers to know Britain has problems with muslim immigration. It's not a fallacy. I've lived it and it wasn't nice.