Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tinchy Stryder

Just to give you an idea of how varied our evenings can be, we walked into the westend at about 1am this morning. Chatted to few friends, gave a bible away, sat on a wall and talked with a lady who has mental health issues, walked back up the westend, got called to help some young guy who was completely out of it, got a wheel chair passed him on to Neil and Clare who took him to the hospital, chatted with a lap dancer about her friends drug habit walked back up to the prayer room, washed the puke from our arms and prayed for an hour. Then we walked down to Eden and went to see tinchy stryder for a few minutes because he is one of my youngest sons favourite artists. We got real close took a few snaps, then left, I'm not really into urban music even if I am only standing 8 feet from the guy. We walked back up into the westend chatted with a few more guys and then walked a dancer who we know back to her apartment, we do this a lot it's a nice part of our job, walking and talking with someone and getting them home safely.

It doesn't seem like much but as we were praying tonight I really felt that "the little things matter"

Tinchy is actually very small, but the little things matter. Tinchy matters.

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