Monday, July 12, 2010


Obviously massive celebrations here, we went and watched the match on a big screen in town. It was fantastic, I ended up in the fountains having a little dance. Truly awesome to be in a country whose team win the world cup, and to watch it surrounded by thousands of Spaniards who went ballistic when they scored. I could hardly speak this morning, after they lifted the trophy we drove round with the boys for about an hour beeping our horn and waving a spanish flag out the window, mental.

The word that sprung to mind this morning totally unrelated to football was acceptance, I love this word.

We had 30 people at our service last night which was conveniently timed to end 30 minutes before kick off. I looked around at the mixture of people in the room and the word acceptance came to mind. We had Germans, Americans, Irish, English, Nigerian, Australians all in the room. Christians and people who would say they didn't have a faith. Drinkers and abstainers, young and old, fat and skinny, prostitutes and church workers, strip club workers and school teachers, youth workers and dancers, all in all a very eclectic mix of people.

Then I thought about God and the word that He had for our diverse little gathering of people was "acceptance".

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