Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ambulance trouble

Tonight the galleno (private medical company) have been following us they took a guy of us last week who didn't want to go with them he slept his stupor off in their centre and then they charged him 480 euros!! this is an injustice. We are not medically trained but if we ever find someone unconscious we call and ambulance. If they have puke on them and just can't get a taxi we take them home. These are the kind of guys we help the most, they are on their own or with a friend, to drunk to make it home in a cab with vomiting but no where near in enough of a state to need a hospital.

Tonight we had a call from a bar to help a girl who was alone and vomiting we took her to the taxi rank but they wouldn't take her. So I rocked up in the van to drop her at her hotel. The Galleno where also there they wanted to take her but she didn't want to go with them, they were very insistent but I refused to let them take a girl, they then blocked me with in the street their ambulance and called the police. I got so angry I tried to reverse out, one of the galleno guys stood in the way, thumped van & accused me of hitting him!

Thankfully the police came, and after assessing the situation told them to move, the Galleno argued but had to go in the end. The Galleno are unjust they prey on the drunk and vulnerable to make money. The police were not impressed with the whole situation, they have better things to do with their time, but they stood up for us.

I am concerned that times are hard and they are getting more ruthless and predatory, they don't like us because we steal business, except we do all we do for free. Which messes with their heads and they don't really believe us.

Handbags at dawn, but it unsettled me. Darkness biting back......

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