Monday, September 27, 2010

the op!!!

I am in England at the moment, off for a double inguinal hernia operation in the morning. If you are the praying kind I would value your prayers that it all goes smoothly. I am not too stressed, it's keyhole surgery under a general anesthetic but I should be in and out on the same day.

The worst thing is not being able to eat anything from midnight tonight! Not that I normally eat after midnight its more the morning. I am grumpy without food but will work hard at being pleasant to the nurses tomorrow.

Its around my groin area, the consultant said I shouldn't feel to bad his exact word were: "just like you have been stabbed twice in the stomach"!! The staff nurse told me my testicles could turn black and blue!!!! Don't worry I won't take any photographs...

I might not blog for a few days.


rossi from bulgaria said...

hello brian. hope everything went well and wish you a full and quick recovery!

Bidigan said...

Just wondered if they have turned black and blue?!?