Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I have just been in Burgos for the weekend with friends from 24-7 Spain, we stayed in a benedictine monastery up in the hills. It was a truly awesome time.

We had the wonderful opportunity to share, dream, tell stories and encourage each other. I have come away encouraged, challenged and hopeful, which is a good thing.

It was Leonard Sweet who said "The future belongs to the story tellers and the connectors" it's a great quote one I understand more and more.

I was chatting with a friend last night Ian Nicholson who is out for a visit, we were chatting about preaching. Someone asked him "name 3 sermons that changed your life?" he could remember one! then they asked him "name 3 people who changed your life?" he found this one easier.

Preachers in todays context are story tellers, they communicate with enthusiasm and dynamism the stories of the bible, the stories of others lives. It's not the sermons themselves but the stories contained in the sermons that spur us on, challenge and inspire us.

I watch Michael Mcintyre and still feel there is a place for preaching! Yet it has to be married with connection. I still enjoy being taught, I still enjoy listening to a good preach. Podcasts and their popularity show that we still love the spoken word and are happy to listen to a one way conversation! The lecture style is ok.

My only concern is that it needs to be connected to community so that we can outwork with others what we have learnt. We do spend a lot of our time recounting other peoples stories telling others stuff we have heard.

We all on one level tell stories and connect, which is why I enjoyed Burgos so much.

I came so close to getting my camera soaked with this shot, need to getting a 75 - 300mm zoom!!!!!

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