Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The place of the home in missional living

Interesting observation from Martin about the home being more private in Spain, which I totally agree with.

I like the notion of the use of our homes and kitchen tables as the true place to connect, they are not the only place to connect. People increasingly value their privacy we have to understand that and if possible model something different, although we all need our family time.

In todays climate I think people talk about the home in an idealistic fashion, when the reality of inviting someone back to our home is actually a lot harder. We have seen an increase in fear over the years, making it increasingly difficult to invite partial strangers back for a meal or to hang out. Now believe me I am very aware of these challenges we have people back to our home who in the eyes of some would be of questionable character!

What if we accidentally invite a paedophile home?

Todays papers and news media would make you think they where everywhere....

What if we invite someone home and they steal from us?

This is highly likely if you are dealing with desperate people. When I was younger and in and out of prison some lovely christians used to allow me to pop round and visit, I stole from them! I lived with some other christians I also stole from them! Now I have obviously confessed my sin to them and have been forgiven but they took a risk and it cost them!

What about the kitchen table?

So many people don't like vegetables... you think I am being weird? but in our middle class world we are looking to knock out a Jamie Oliver special with a nice bottle of red wine followed by some stimulating conversation. Beers, chips and nipping out for a cigarette afterwards are often more appealing. Mind you thats probably if you're reaching out to certain people. University students would love the wine and Jamie thing.

Once again I feel that before we decide what we are going to do and how we are going to do it, we need to truly understand the people we are doing it for. Old school phrase here: "know your mission field"

Our homes and houses are tools given to us by God that we should steward wisely in the advancement of His kingdom.

Your home is not your castle, it's Gods.

I need to think about this some more, of out today with one of our team for a little bit of photography. Hope you like my storm shot from last Wednesday?

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resa said...

Some interesting thoguhts Brian. Regarding the "what if" and inviting people home, it is something Krister and I have talked about. We often have couchsurfers who we've never met before come and sleep at our house. We have decided that we won├Ąt have fear as our default, and will be welcoming but also listen to our intuition/spirit/heart, whatever you want to call it and be willing to interrupt our plans if something doesn't feel right. It has yet to happen, but I'd be open to refusing a couchsurfer and offering to pay a night at a hostel for then should it feel wrong. Sure, adding kids to the equation would probably make us more choosy about who we accept but I can only hope that we would still have a similar view.

I think context is also important. In individual & isolated Stockholm, it is very important to show what a home can be. People have felt ridiculously blessed over what I think was a sub par meal. If 'home' has lost its meaning, then should we redefine it? As a place where everyone can come and be welcomed and seen? (With obvious boundaries, time for the family / kollektiv etc..)

Whew! That was long.
I do like the storm pic. =)