Friday, November 12, 2010


My lap top has finally died, so I am blogging from my son's little note book. I will get a new computer next week so my blogging may be a little sparse.

Have you ever heard the phrase "blagging it"?

Blagging means getting by on the minimum, or last minute dot com, or rocking up to a meeting and pretending you know whats going on, or getting to an exam without revising, or doing a talk with out any prep (most speakers will say something like this when they are blagging it "I had something prepared but I am just going to share whats on my heart" read that as code for "I haven't prepared")

We can blag our way through life. Blag our spirituality, in the end it gets found out.

Anyway you will see limited blogging here for a week, and hopefully limited blagging!

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Anonymous said...

i never heard that before.
i really like the way you wrote this post.

hmm ya also applies in biz world too...