Friday, November 05, 2010

We need more bibles

My friend Maria works with prostitutes in Barcelona, I met her at our 24-7 spain gathering a couple of weeks ago.

Every Tuesday night they go and hang out with a prostitutes who work the streets all year round in Barcelona.

Maria has a blog check it out, it's in spanish.

The same thing that happens here in the summer happens in Barcelona; they all want Bibles.

I have promised I would help so I need to find some nice Romanian and Spanish bibles maybe 30 of each, that we can send to Barcelona to put into the hands of these working girls.

If you no of anyone or anywhere were I can source these bibles from please let me know, so far we have just been giving out English bibles here because thats what the girls wanted. Cheap or free would be good but I am happy to raise the funds for this one.


Claire said...

a comapany called 'no frontiers' they are on the web do different language bibles,(they are who we buy from for our customers) i dont know about bulk purchases..they are shut over the weekend but i will phone and let you know what deals they can do if that helps...

Brian said...

cheers clairey that will be a big help

maria said...

Thank you so much Brian!!
That´s so nice from you guys, thanks for all the work!

maria said...

And Claire, thanks for the great idea as well, that is great to hear! :)

Laura Jones said...

Bible society has them, if you've not got them yet :)