Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fortieth Year Highlights

Today I have completed my first year in my forties! It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be although it is still scary thinking you are in your forties and that your next significant birthday will be your fiftieth.

Top ten discoveries, highlights and memories of my fortieth year:

1. I have discovered that I like cashmere jumpers, they are comfortable and feel nice against the skin. Comfortable clothing rocks.

2. Going to the gym, after initially thinking it was going to kill me, I now enjoy going to the gym 4 -5 times a week, I haven't lost much weight but my wobbly bits are firmer.

3. First complete year without smoking a cigar or anything else. (not that I used to smoke anything else, well I smoked weed when I was young... anyway)

4. Emotional balance: after a tricky year up the farm I have enjoyed being in a normal house with just my family about and a lot less stress.

5. Sons. Two boys are the best, my sons amuse me, challenge me, push my patience, play their music to loud, are untidy, and completely random at times but I love them and enjoy being their dad.

6. 24-7 Prayer: this movement inspires and challenges me, people giving it their all trying new things, reaching out to the broken and praying that God would heal this world. I have many friends within the movement and they are such a support and inspiration.

7. Places and people: Belfast, Stanford-le-Hope, Diss, Guildford, Newtonards, Lurgan, Burgos, Tulsa, Southampton, Castlewellan, San Antonio these places and more importantly people from these places have given me much joy this year.

8. My Viewing: Glee, House, Modern Family, The Event, Lie to me, Community and No Ordinary Family have been great television. The book of Eli, The A Team, Robin Hood, The Expendables, Inception, The Green Zone and Iron Man2 have filled my film watching world with action.

9. God: He never ceases to amaze me. The Alpha and Omega, gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and rich in love. The work here, my life the life of my family have all been deeply impacted and touched by a God who cares and leads. Words cannot describe my gratitude I just want to burst into tongues; shakadobadnam medahhulokanesh shee trame..... (It doesn't look so great written down, and seriously why do I always start with shaka?)

10. Last but not least, my wife. Tracy is my inspiration she has faith in me she is sexy and gorgeous, she is the glue in our family and without her 24-7ibiza would just not function, the last year has been fantastic for us both.

Anyway there you go, 41 today and very happy....

p.s. If I could have a number 11, which I can because it's my list, it would be my camera.


Tanya Heasley said...

I have once said kak in tongues which isn't a very nice word within the traveling community.

Hope you're having a super fab birthday.

Mie said...

Happy Birthday! By the way, I think I know a few people, at least one other person comes to mind straight aaway who start with shaka :)


Anonymous said...

Loved this post Brian, especially your tribute to Tracy!