Monday, January 03, 2011

New Vomit Van

Well here we are 2011, another year. It excites me to think ahead and blesses me to look back and see that God has been with us on the journey so far.

Challenges for the year ahead are a New Vomit Van the head gasket has gone on our 14 year old toyota and it will cost more to fix it than it's worth!

We'll see how that one pans out.

We will go for a Spanish model this time rather than bring one over from the UK and go through all the hassle of trying to get it changed to spanish plates etc...

If anyone has any ideas on the best type of vehicle for us I would be happy to hear from you.

Peace and love for 2011

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Steve said...

A head gasket is only about £20. It's just a monster job. Any mechanics out there that want to bring one out and fit it?!?