Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What's next?

With regards our own move back to the Uk we will be moving back to our home town of Diss in Norfolk. This is primarily to do with our children's education, but also because we have a house there, family there, friends there and a christian community there that has supported us throughout our journey here. It is near to Stanstead airport which allows for ongoing involvement in Ibiza and elsewhere and it is also close to Essex where we have more friends and family. Diss is also only 90 minutes from London by train. So as a friend said to me "it's a no brainer".

Besides all these practical reasons we do have a very firm feeling and assurance that this is where God wants us to be for the next season of our lives.

Well thats the geography sorted and we feel for the moment that is all we have, we have no idea as to any other roles or jobs we may be doing upon our return. Actually we are relatively happy with that at the moment we can live with the sense of not knowing about roles.

We have to live in the present not the future, so what comes next will be revealed for us, but at this present time we must focus on Ibiza and remain in a place of trust and peace for the future.

My friend Sally sent me this a few weeks ago, I don't know if it's true in all things, but for our present situation we found it helpful with regards to what we do next:

The clearer the sense of vision a person/community has for the future, the less likely that vision is from God. That is not the way God generally appears. God leads us to the place where "we don't know" and "cant see". It is not Gods way to give us specs or blueprints. God takes us to places where trust grows(or more likely to grow)and often where we dont want to go. God leads us to faith , not certainty.


Carla said...

Interesting thought about vision. I always feel like I have the next step at most. Maybe because much more that a step at a time would intimidate me! I'm looking forward to seeing you guys more when you're back in the UK :)

Tanya Heasley said...

For selfish reasons, I'm looking forward to you guys coming back.

Ibiza won't be the same without you I'm sure.