Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Addicted to comfort

Steve left this as a comment yesterday, it deserves to be a real post. It's a quote from Graham Cray:

"Once upon a time there were people who lived in Scarcity
After many adventures, they met the Affluent Society
The two married and had lots of needs

When we live beyond scarcity, the wanting never ends
Affluenza is fatal – personally, spiritually and socially

We care how we feel, our happiness, our success, not what is true

The West identifies itself as Free – our core value

But in God’s image, Humans shrink when freedom prioritises our needs over others – Consumers rather than Citizens

As we consume, others drop deeper into Scarcity

Scripture after Scripture says Christian Growth comes through sacrifice and suffering in the cause of the Kingdom of God

Is our giving to Children in Need and Sport Relief really what Jesus meant when he said leave your stuff behind and follow me?

Can we learn to trust God for what our families genuinely need, while giving preference to those whose poverty breaks God’s heart?

My name is Steve and I am addicted to comfort and I need to be released in Jesus’s name for the sake of God’s Kingdom come....

Thank you for sharing Steve


carla said...

Wow love that quote. Thanks for posting it, I would have missed it in the comments xc

Tanya Heasley said...

I'm addicted to community.