Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Season 7

Well here we are about to embark on our 7th summer season here in Ibiza. Spring is in the air and there are a lot of people getting ready, it's hard to believe that in about 4 weeks time our centre will be open again.

Our first two summer team members arrive today, they are Tim and Becky who have both been before. Tim came as a single guy a number of years ago, then they both came on a two week team and now they are here for the summer!! This is exciting.

What will this summer hold? I don't know but we have to keep the energy going and enthusiasm for all that we are about. It's been hard to keep our eye on the ball when we know that in about 16 months time we will be going home. We know how quickly that will fly.

I guess it will be about going deeper, working harder, listening to God more and for Tracy and myself, finishing well.

We want to do more with prostitutes, we want to see deeper relationships develop in town, we want to help as many people as we can and we want to give people the opportunity to connect with their maker.

Do we have a vision statement? sort of! "Our aim is to care for the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of the people we meet in San Antonio" it could possibly do with a little tweaking but I am happy with that.


Carla said...

praying for you guys... x

Steve said...

Here's to the Magnificent 7th! Our young people want to see and believe in the real Jesus more than ever, and through you guys they do!

Has Above All (Jesus Is Remix) ever made it onto a San Antonio club play list?

Production isn't bad and I'm sure the chiefs would add to it!

How blessed are those who dwell in Your house
Whose lives become roads that You travel
They wind through the valleys to the light of the Son

One day in this beautiful place to worship
Your house is our home
Where our faces will shine in the light of the Son

Our God reigns
Our God reigns
Our God reigns above all

Our God reigns
(How blessed are those who dwell in Your house)
Our God reigns (Whose lives become roads that You travel)

Our God reigns (They wind through the valleys)
Above all (To the light of the Son)

Our God reigns, our God reigns (One day in this beautiful place, to worship)
Our God reigns (Your house is our home, where our faces)
Above all (Will shine in the light of the Son)