Friday, May 06, 2011

History and Haunting

A number of years ago we had the privilege of listening to the wisdom of wonderful man called Ken McCreavy, Ken passed away last year which was very sad.

However one of the statements that Ken made really sticks in mind and helps us as we look at prayer and mission. Ken said "For every history that is seen there is always a secret history, a history that is unseen" I really liked that. He said that for every revival that breaks out there is always a church or leader who goes down in history as the centre to travel to or the leader of the moment. Behind all of these there were probably people who prayed for years for break through in their town, or some ladies who prayed faithfully that God would bless and anoint their leader. For every history that is seen there is a secret unseen history.

We have it here, I got to baptise a guy, 24-7 prayer got to befriend him, someone got to pray the prayer of repentance with him, but his mother had prayed for him all his life! For every story that is told there is another story that we don't see.

I love the fact that as we walk the streets and pray with people we get to be involved in their secret history.

A friend of mine in the 80's was in Amsterdam smoking weed with his girlfriend, they stopped to listen to a band play, whilst they listened a guy approached them told  and them the band was a christian band and offered to pray for them. They were very reticent and at first they refused, he persisted and they eventually let him pray for them. He prayed and they left. 6 months later through a whole set of circumstances they gave their lives to Jesus and still follow him to this day. The guy who prayed for them knows nothing of this, yet he is involved in their secret history.

We live in a results driven world, if we don't see results we can feel that we have failed. Yet so often prayer is the long haul, or prayer is the secret place. When we pray with people on the streets we get the opportunity to become involved in their secret history.

We get their name, we take it back to the prayer room we start to pray for them we get involved in their secret history. This is also where haunting comes into it!!!!

In Ephesians 4:27 Paul says "do not give the devil a foothold" 

I believe that every time someone agrees to let you pray for them they give God a foothold. 

Once we have prayed with someone we get really on it, we pray that God would haunt them, that they would meet people who are christians, that friends would find faith, that people at work would talk to them about the Lord, that they would have dreams about Jesus, that they would start to ask questions about their eternal security, that they would find a strange interest in the bible, that they would start to see God in nature, that they would want to visit as church, basically that God would haunt them. They have given him a foothold, their was a chink in their armour of resistance the minute they agreed for you to pray with them. We pray that chink would widen and they would invite Him in. 

We get involved in their secret history and ask God to haunt them. 

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