Saturday, September 17, 2011

Late Night Messiness

It's 3.03am we got a call from the police at 1.20am to come for a girl who was, in their words, "A little bit drunk" when we got to the hotel it was very clear that this was way more than a little bit drunk. We prayed as we drove to find her that we would have the grace and patience to deal with the situation.

She wasn't actually staying in the hotel where we found her lying, so the name of the game was to get her back to her own hotel. Thankfully the night porter had worked out where she was and printed off some directions for us, which were very helpful.

The girl herself was lying in her own vomit and had lost control of her bowels, this is a very embarrassing state to find yourself in. Emma and Jillian gallantly cleaned the vomit and pooh from her as best as they could. The night porter brought us some towel they were used to clean her up but it just kept coming. She had definitely been eating chinese food.

As we went to stand her up Emma gagged and nearly vomited so I stepped in to help manoeuvre and lift the girl into the van. Unfortunately I didn't have time to put gloves on.

I quickly realised I had pooh on my hands, I drove, whilst Emma who had recovered brilliantly, poured alcohol wipe onto my hands to remove the pooh. It took us a while to find the apartment where the girl was staying the van was the smelliest it has ever been and you couldn't escape it. It gets in your clothes and everything, you have to breath through your mouth as to not let the smell get in any further.

We got her back safely Emma and Jillian took her in to her friends and they got her in the shower, cleaned her up and put her in bed whilst I stayed outside to clean the pooh from the inside of the van. The girls did brilliantly; cleaning a conscious drunk is much harder than cleaning a van.

In the end she was home safe, it wasn't pretty but she is ok, I know you can ask yourself how can people get in such a state? Mostly it's just an under estimation of the strength of the drink and size of the measures here. They don't start the evening off thinking "tonight I want to get so drunk that I vomit and pooh myself " it creeps up on them.

Anyway we got back in the van, I realised my hands still smelt of pooh, because we hadn't cleaned the steering wheel!!!! We got it properly cleansed, and here I am sitting indoors waiting for the next call.

We are not saints, but surely having a faith is about active involvement, my faith isn't passive, it is not just something I adhere to mentally it affects my actions.

So when we help someone we often remember the words of Jesus which were "Do unto others as you would have done unto yourself"

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Steve said...

This is what Bono means. If we can get 100 times the current people doing this in their communities (and that includes me), we'll be surprised by the thousands who decide to follow Christ. Worth a watch: