Monday, October 24, 2011

What next?

Season ended for us on Friday!

It's been an exciting week, starting with a baptism, followed by a prostitute we have been working with getting a job so she no longer has to sell herself. Weespent an evening at Sara's 40th birthday which was just another moment of being surrounded by spanish people and the small spanish community that we are part of and feeling like somehow after many years we were making positive inroads on more than one front.

Then on Saturday the workers of San Antonio donated 3 brand new computers for our centre which is fantastic as our other one were nearing there end! They have also made a 1000 euro financial contribution towards our work.

It felt like we ended well. All our team leave today and tomorrow and then for Tracy and myself we can clearly sit and have some time thinking and praying about what is next for us as a couple?

We have had to work really hard at living in the present this summer with many people asking us what next and to be honest at this point we would have to say we don't know. We are however excited about this next season in which we really feel God will reveal to us the next step.

So we begin to pray regularly asking God once again to guide us into new things.

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Anonymous said...

I know that feeling well! I'm praying with you guys...that God will give you a clear path, maybe there's already something nibbling at your heart??? Trying my best to get there ASAP, so I can have as much time as I can with you guys before you leave!