Thursday, November 10, 2011

1000th Curious blog post!

So here we have my 1000th blog post!!!! I never thought I would write this many. I came up with the title after a friend of mine chatted about being curious and how it is a really healthy attitude to have when meeting people. Therefore Curious in Ibiza was born along with the help of Tim Hewitt who encouraged me to go for it and helped me set the original blog up. I also just like the sound of the word "curious"

So am I still curious? well I would like to think so:
I am curious about people, I find them interesting, complex, funny, inspiring and annoying all at the same time. For this reason I am curious as to how anyone can put another human in a box and try to define them, I think this is impossible.

I am still curious about Ibiza, this place has captured my heart I am curious as to why! The people, the beaches, the weather, the craziness, the mix of cultures, the administrative disorganisation, the lack of health and safety, the messiness, the west end, the driving, the noise levels, the inability to form a queue, the whole thing is frustrating, beautiful, charming and attractive.

I am curious as to why women, when told they are looking tired and pale, don't just say "I am having my period"

I am curious as to how the message of Jesus doesn't have more impact, probably the fault of the messengers not Jesus.

I am curious as to why anyone would want to wear fake tan.

I am curious about men who wear thongs, I tried Tracy's once and it hurt.

I am also curious about the Arab world, Ibiza was moorish for 500 years, I would like to explore it more, I thought Dubai was beautiful and loved the desert. I would love to be a desert nomad for a year.

I am curious about dogs, whats going on in there? Why are you so loyal? Why would I like to own another one?

I am curious about the ear hair that has started to grow out of my ears, what's that all about? If I cut it will it grow back and get bushy? Why is it grey? Will it get worse? 

I am curious about my ego, I know I have one, why do I feel the need to continually feed it? I am sure that self awareness is the key to growth which makes me curious about myself and how I tick!!

I am curious about how I will dress when I am old? When do you start choosing things just for comfort? Am I already old? 

I am curious about why on earth I would want to own a Rolex, but I do.

I am curious about God, you never seem to fully understand Him. He's a mystery.

I am curious as to why I still find Britney Spears attractive? I follow her on twitter.....

Thank you for sticking with me and reading  all my randomness.


Chris said...

ear hair....nose hair....eye brows.....they all get worse whatever you do

Richard Heald said...

You yourself are curious, Brian - that's what we like about you. Come and join us as a desert nomad : we need the company. I'm just sizing up a new Jeep so you must come and explore the Qatari deserts in it with us !

Anonymous said...

Must come close to being the post of the week. Funny and profound in equal measures. My guess is that mix is pretty close to the message of Jesus.