Saturday, March 10, 2012

2. A commitment to life long learning and discipleship

A healthy community will display a commitment to life long learning and discipleship. I want to live a life worthy of my calling. Paul exhorted Timothy to watch his life and his doctrine. Jesus said go make disciples.

To make disciples we need a commitment to being disciples!

Here's what I find challenging, "If we create a church culture that is about entertainment and promote a devotional life that involves getting pumped up to whatever the latest christian worship song is we will inevitably start to flag in our growth as christians"

I heard Bill Johnson say something like "I can pray that God imparts what he has given me to you, but I can't impart my history"

Your history as a disciple is something that has been refined over the years, once again the challenge in an immediate culture is to stick at it!

If you are serious about being a disciple you should read the bible every year. Thats not even rushing through it, 4 chapters a day 10 minutes, even if you go ultra slow with a highlighter and take notes 30 minutes, thats all it will take.

If I want to be committed to lifelong growth and learning I must "hide his word in my heart" or "Meditate on His word day and night"

Without wanting to sound harsh or smother myself in a cloak of religiosity I have had to tell myself "Brian if you are serious about being a disciple you need to read the bible" I see on lots of blogs people doing book munches and reading 52 books in a year etc, I've tried it but in the end if it gets in the way of me reading the bible I put the other books down.

Sorry there is so much more to discipleship than bible reading but it's the one area I think our generation has to get hold of.

I'm off to the UK for a few days, I'll do a more comprehensive piece on on learning communities when I get back.

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