Wednesday, March 07, 2012

What makes a healthy community?

I am still a fan of Count Zinzendorf and many of his friends who lived by the rule of "Being true to Christ, kind to others and taking the gospel to the nations"

If a community is full of people who are living like this then it can't help but be healthy.

I would be looking for a healthy community to display these signs of health

1. That they would be living prayerfully,
2. Are committed to lifelong learning and discipleship,
3. Engage in mission and evangelism,
4. Celebrate creativity,
5. Practice hospitality
6. And express God's mercy and justice.

I'm going to try and unpack my take on all 6 of these practices over the next few days.

I do think if communities get all of the above right, they cannot help but grow. I see these values expressed in small missional communities but also in large churches.

They have slightly different titles but if you scratch the surface of some of the more vibrant large churches in the UK you will find these practices.

We need to be more positive and generous and hold up a multiplicity of models as good examples of the kingdom coming.

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