Monday, April 30, 2012

A new day, a new dawn and I'm feeling good.


A little break has just happened, I didn't intend for such a long absence but I had loads of travel and lots of other bit and bobs to get sorted so ran out of writing steam.

Well here we are 11 weeks from leaving and at the very beginning of our 8th season in ibiza, our centre opens Wednesday and we are out on the streets Wednesday night.

We have just had a one week prayer team out and spent a fantastic time praying around the island.

It's a new day, a new dawn as Abigail and Charles take over, Poppy has arrived from America and this week we get 2 more team members, Kate and Kezi, they are not a double act!

Emotionally Tracy and I are all over the place!!! We love it so much here yet we are so ready to return to the UK. There is a line in a Mumford and son song thats says something like where you invest your love is where you invest your life. We feel like we have really invested our love and our lives into this place which makes leaving feel very painful.

I guess we are constantly conflicted, caught between the best of both worlds, not wanting to make this place bad so as to make the new place better!

We want to go and we want to stay! We are excited about leaving yet sad about leaving, we are apprehensive about fitting back into the Uk yet excited about the UK, we know it will be good for our boys, yet we have moments where wonder if it will be bad for our boys!

We need money for the move as we don't have enough so get stressed but then we get stressed that we are worrying too much and not trusting God enough.

We tell everyone you need to finish well then get so caught up in the detail that we are in danger of finishing badly, well maybe not badly but definitely with high levels of distraction. This could all sound messy, and yes it is, we are not feeling sorry for ourselves.

Generally we are very happy and normally very content, we are leaning back into God for strength but sometimes we lurch into our own understanding!!

This move is right, but it also feels a little painful, we are dealing with the pain by concentrating on the practicalities.

Strangely I find it all a little exciting, it might be hard but you sure do feel alive and it's good to be alive.

I'm feeling good!!!

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