Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Season 8

Well here we go again, today season 8 begins....

What are we hoping will happen this year?

Well number one priority is a smooth handover of leadership, if that goes well all else should be ok.
At the moment we are in the "we do and you watch" stage, within the next few weeks we will move to the "you do and we watch" stage and finally we should arrive at the "you do" this will all happen within the next 8 or so weeks!!!!

May tends to be a slow burner so I am praying for no messiness tonight! Our summer long team will very quickly grow to a good size which will be uber helpful.

I also find that once the season starts time flies!!!

We have also got to raise about 3 grand for removal costs, which means I am praying hard and believing loads.

Anyway we lean into Him for all things, and biggest prayer is that this work goes from strength to strength, that what we have done up to this point has just been building a runway and that Abby and Charlie see real lift off and massive growth in all they put there hand to.

Exciting times....

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