Monday, June 25, 2012

A dream from 2006

I wrote this in a journal in early 2006 and found it again yesterday!

I have a dream.  It’s a big dream - in reality it could almost be an impossible dream -but I am not prepared to live with the word impossible.  I’m going to live for my dream.

The dream is this: it’s of a vibrant, year round, praying and worshipping community here on the island of Ibiza. A community that is passionate about being kind and doing good for others, a community that does not live for itself alone.  A community of Jesus followers who love this island and want to bring His flavours to it.

This community will have a home, a building; it will be a large multi-purpose building, a tool that will define what we do here on this island.

This building will provide a place of refuge and spiritual reflection.
This building will allow us to run a multiplicity of courses.
This building will be actively used all year round.
This building will be a facility for the people of Ibiza.

It will be a place for the young to use after school or at the weekend. It will be attractive to all age groups.

We will host xbox clubs, pool tournaments, relaxation sessions, Spanish classes, coffee mornings and poker nights.

It will be a facility for information and advice about life on this island, an access point for workers.  Not just a place to use the internet, but a place of support when people are in need.

Sexual health and drugs awareness will be issues we will tackle from this building.

It will be a training centre – we could train people in DJing, drumming, guitar, dance, art and cookery… to name but a few.

We will gather people in the building on a regular basis for creative, chilled out teaching and worship services. We will run spiritual discovery courses such as alpha.

In my mind’s eye I see counselling taking place, massages being given, conversations being had, coffee being drunk, all in this building.

It will be the venue out of which summer teams work, the base for our community’s West End summer work.

At its heart it will have a prayer room - it’s vibrant beating spiritual heart will be prayer.  Prayer will sustain it.

The next step is a building.

It hasn't all happened yet but I am so privileged to see some of the dream fulfilled in our time here, Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see!

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Anonymous said...

This is so encouraging for those of us still at the dreaming stage. Praise the Lord!