Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Movement update

Well today is my 20th wedding anniversary, I feel so happy to have shared life with such a wonderful woman. Tracy and I are off to formentera for 24 hours to celebrate. Then we return to one of the most hectic times we've had for a while.

The removal man comes on Monday, so it is box packing central. We have had a lot of lasts recently, last night out on the street, last school run, last time at the anglican church, it's all been okay but slightly emotional.

My sons did brilliantly at school and we are so glad for Gods provision that they could attend such an excellent place. Ellis won the directors award for academic excellence which is a good way to finish. Dan won the award for best non native speaking spanish, they both made me very proud.

I sold the Landrover, which was great, it was such a blessing to us and now hopefully it will bless someone else here on the island.

Please pray for us, that we remain calm, focussed and steady. Especially for Ellis and Daniel this is very tough on both of them, its a massive change.

Anyway I am off to catch a ferry to an even smaller island for the day with the most beautiful woman in my world. 20 years flies by when you are with the one you love.


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