Friday, December 14, 2012

Prayer for Peace in Belfast

On the 15th December 2012, at 8.30am, a call to prayer for peace will ring out at Belfast City Hall.
People from every background and community in Northern Ireland will circle the City Hall building in a response to the trouble and the distressing scenes witnessed across our land over the past weeks.
This call to prayer is free from any political, social, organisational or denominational agenda. It is free from any motivation other than the fact that we believe in the power of God and the power of prayer to change our circumstances. We believe that God is alive and able to heal our land if we humble ourselves and pray.
It is not a protest. It is not a protest against protests. In a spirit of unity, this is an expression of prayer and blessing for our city, our politicians, our police, our society, our shopkeepers and hard pressed businesses.
We want to hold on to the Northern Ireland Tourist Board slogan that this is 'Our Place, Our Time' and pray simply and boldly for the peace and prosperity of Belfast and Northern Ireland in this season of goodwill and thanksgiving.
- We want to pray for peace to reign
- We want to pray for the return of hope
This is an open invitation to prayer and so, at this time, we have no idea as to the number of people who will turn up but we expect representatives from all branches of Christianity across Northern Ireland to take part. We have been in contact and have complied with the advice of the police by gathering at a time that will cause least disruption to local businesses and thereby cause no negative impact on this city which we love. Furthermore, we will be encouraging all those who gather to tangibly bless the city centre traders who have lost so much business over the last 10 days.
This time of prayer will be short, private, silent and reflective. It is avowedly non-political.
Please try and arrive between 8.15 and 8.20 on all sides of the city hall where stewards will help organise people into a line. At 8.30 you will hear a whistle to commence the prayer and 8.35 a whistle to end it.

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