Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Japanese Transvestite

Read a great quote in frank Skinners autobiography, he is in a small catholic church in Japan standing behind a large Japanese transvestite dressed in a school girls outfit!

"Then the hairy transvestite spoke. I stood, mouth slightly open, as a middle aged man in a schoolgirl uniform offered, in a voice deeper than mine, this prayer to God: 'Lord, send messengers of tenderness to the dead-end streets, the furnished or unfurnished rooms of the lonely, and the attics of the abandoned in our cities. And so we pray' My 'Lord you Kingdom come' was said with a tightening throat. I imagined him lonely in his furnished or unfurnished room, a figure of fun to most people, but embraced by this small Catholic community happy to encourage his active participation in the Mass, regardless of his bizarre appearance. I felt humbled and slightly ashamed. I suppose I had dismissed him as a freak, but he was, it seemed to me now, a brave and very honest man.

Japan is 8 hours ahead of Britain, so when you're next out, living it up, at 11 on a Saturday night, remember that in a catholic church in Osaka, there's a middle-aged man in a schoolgirl uniform and wig, listening attentively to the word of God, and offering up his prayers for the lonely and abandoned.

All I can say is I find this challenging!

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pete g said...

amazing story. amazing