Saturday, February 18, 2006

Painting and beer

Well what a month! I sold a painting, not sure i am to happy with the idea of selling art, it's a kind of fun thing to do and then making money from it seems odd! but also quite satisfying that you know someone out there likes what you do enough to pay for it.

Is it okay to be proud? I don't mean like up myself but proud of myself for doing a good painting. On that subject I have just stopped drinking alchohol and have had a growing sense of achievement as i have gone longer and longer without a wine or beer, proud of myself, but when does that cross over into self righteousness or arrogance, got to watch it.

Do you think it's easy to think we are right and others are wrong? I am always right or at least I try to think so, a friend of mine once said there is more than one right answer, how come i always think my answer is right.

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