Friday, March 03, 2006

Parental Guidance!

I've decided that no one reads this blog, but it doesn't really matter. I like the idea of thinking out loud via the web. I guess the idea is not to try too hard to be profound or clever just let it flow. Had an interesting chat with some friends today about the fact that we either become very like our parents or we work hard not to be! I like my parents, although I will probably do things differently than them.

In all honesty I am not to sure there are ever going to be perfect parents. One little innocuous comment when you are young can put you in therapy and give you traumas for years. But then how do I as a parent not do the same as everyone else? I guess you just have to try, but I am sure I get it wrong quite a lot. I sometimes think I am a good dad then I have days were I am definetly crap at it, maybe it's those crap days that traumatise our kids?

Mornings are the worst, must do better not to be grumpy, what am I imprinting on their minds? they will probably grow up with a fear of men with skinheads and goatees who appear at the breakfast table before 10am.

Anyway i mightn't be the perfect dad but here is my one little thought on the whole parenting process, probably not going to make a book on the subject, it goes like this "ENJOY IT". Maybe if i have fun with it they will remember me as fun, even if I am random and grumpy at least we will have had fun.

Anyway were does this whole perfect family thing come from? I can't find it in the bible.


Billy Kennedy said...

I'm reading it Brian!

Adrian Eagleson said...

loving it brian - keep her lit!!

Karen Padgett said...

I'm reading it too! Uh..well, now I am. Ok well, today was my first time...