Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Who am I?

Had an interesting morning chatting with some friends about how we so often define people by what they do! We agreed that this was pretty crap way to be defined. We are all involved in and do so much, that to pin who we are and define us by one; activity, skill, position or job would be wrong.

I love the fact that human beings are complex and it is that complexity that makes us interesting. Where I live I get the opportunity to connect with so many people who have different nationalities, different jobs, different outlooks on life and very different opinions than mine, but they are all so much more than any one of these individual traits or components.

I heard a very cheesy saying once "we are human beings not human doings". I like it but can't help but think to myself, that although I have just written all the above, I am still impressed by what people do!

I am often drawn to successful, attractive and allegedly interesting people! (they are not alwats drawn to me) I think it could be that I have bought into the cult of celebrity, I don't just mean television celebrity but all those people who live in little sub-cultures and are apparently top of the tree in their own world. I want to go beyond that, because in reality I know that behind every face there is a story. So I have to face my own shallowness and increase my curiosity about others. Because genuinely I do believe that most people are fun and interesting to be with and that understanding their complexity is a truly rewarding and life enriching experience.

Who am I? I don't know some days.

Deep down am I shallow?


Paul Holloway said...

The Toyota Production System (one of the most successful systems in the world) listed 7 wastes in production. Since then another has been added which is the waste of human creativity, so often people working on a production line or performing mundane tasks are labeled or catergorised in a negative way. In my experience these are mostly amazing people and outside work are quite often doing some incredible things and working through some complex stuff.
Quite right, don't be shallow dive in deep and see what's in there, usually well worth it.

Anonymous said...

what do you mean 'deep down'

Brian Heasley said...

it's oxymoronic!

Anonymous said...

Halo...hannah here...well...its interestante that you are thinking about the whole "human being" question...cuz...well...i think we all think that if we just keep going life won't feel so hard...but reality is that God designed us to be more than a doer. Cuz He is the one designing us all. Inside and out. Sometimes, my problem is, I start to wonder if I do exist...and then I remember Jesus didn't die for nothing, He died for me. And this gives me comfort.

charlie knox said...

When you spoke the other night in Lurgan you let alot hang out. You let us into your heart and not just the respectable, commendable stuff. I appreciated that. In fact, one thought i left with was that its vital to 'be' yourself. Being yourself is the best way to define yourself. brennan manning said 'you are one of the never to be repeated ways that God has chosen to express himself in this world' Being yourself is truly prophetic. I know pete greig talks of 'becoming what you were born to be'. similar idea i think

anyhow, i felt encouraged by your life (the being and the doing and the thinking and the laughing and the concerns and the questions and other complexities etc etc) and felt empowered to be myself a little more. thanks.

'by the grace of God i am what i am'1 cor 15.10