Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Brian the Vicar

I don't no whether I should or shouldn't have, but after a lot of egging on by my friend steve, I have today bought a clerical collar!!!

Before it gets too busy I am going to give it a go wearing it around the westend of San Antonio. I feel weird even talking about this, what do you think?

Heres my thinking tell me if it's slightly off? People are looking for spirituality in this place, people promote themselves very blatantly here by what they wear.

Pete Greig and another friend Billy think it's a good idea, although, I was always one of those kids who got dared to do something at school that other kids wouldn't do. So they may just have been egging me on.

Anyway no harm in trying, all things to all men for the sake of the gospel. I am actually a minister of religion so it's not fake or anything, just seems strange in a postmodern context!

Could be a laugh, could get beaten up, at least it should provoke a reaction.

I'll keep you posted, clerical collar is in the post when it gets here I will let you know. I'll put a photo of it up.

I am not taking this all to seriously, I think thats the best way to approach it, I will keep it light hearted and then it should just be a fun night.

Pray for me.....


Pastor Phil said...

Hi brian, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog as well as a picture of yourself - lovely of you!!
Yeah those guys are part of our internship plus pete is going with lisa my cousin and we really close.

Meeting adrian tomorrow so hopefully get a chat about a June.

Tell the boys i said hi and hopefully sometime soon i can get to see them and play footie with them.


Brian Heasley said...

Al the photo goes on automatically, I haven't got that large an ego......

Alain Emerson said...

i know bro - but if you've got it flaunt it!!