Thursday, April 27, 2006

Light conversation

I talked at a place in Canada called cove community church, just found out it is online

I can't believe I spoke for 42 minutes! I am a great proponent of "if you can't say it in 30 minutes you can't say it" anyway have a listen if you have got time.

My son went canoing yesterday with his friend after school, they were in a little cove un-supervised!!! but had a great time. Weird though trying not to worry about them, when you are not there. Anyway, Ellis was fine, he's a complete water baby and loved every second of it. Being surrounded by beautiful sea is one of the benefits of living on this island.

Although right now; over fishing and the accidental catching of sea turtles has meant that there food source Jelly Fish has grown out of control so the waters around the island are sometimes thick with the little Medusas! The sting hurts a bit like a large nettle sting.

My wife goes to England for the weekend, so I am here with the boys on my own.


dan said...

Brian ...

Thanks for the words ...


Adrian Eagleson said...

i have never heard you say anything in under 30 minutes! 42 is pretty good going for you, were you tired!