Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Anti Christian Films

Had a few disturbing Christian emails today about bad and nasty films being made and released on 06/06/06, I don't know what you think but for me I will not lose to much sleep over it.

God's a big guy he can look after himself.

The church has survived loads worse than the crap Davinci Code or any other dodgy flick, why do we waste so much of our time giving these things cheap publicity?

Christian wakes up one morning has a thought; "world needs Jesus" "how do I do that?" "I know! I will protest against films"

Devil wakes up one morning; "how can I distract christians?" "I know I'll get someone to make cheesy crap anti christian films... they will waste so much time on that, they will forget about the lost!"

In fact I will get them so focussed on me.........

anyway I could go on, rambling about demon obsessed christians.

Suffice to say someone should write a christian book called "The Satan Focussed Church"

Here's something a little lighter:

Someone sent me this, you can set it up and send to friends, it's a very sharp piece of advertising.


I wonder how many cars they need to sell to make it work.


carla said...

Amen Brother... you should write that book! xc

Anonymous said...

Yes Brian totally agree, especially here in America we tend to lose our focus, people coming to the Lord and being set free should be front and center..turn the other cheek right?